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Alone Together

Dart 381 – Week 10
Response to Sherry Turkle’s video “Alone Together”

In this video, Sherry Turkle provides reasonable examples of modern societal habits that we as people do on a regular basis but do not want to admit to. I think it is safe to say that technology has become a great part of our lives and that computers keep us busy for the main part. In essence, the computer controls humans and not the other way around. In this generation, we have become so attached to technology that we are unaware of how we do things. For example, I use my cell phone as an alarm clock, but subconsciously, my phone is near to me incase I receive any texts or calls and I’m able to get to it in a heart beat.

Sometimes, I actually do feel my phone vibrate when, in actuality, it doesn’t even vibrate. It sounds bizarre, but it just goes to show how strongly technology has shaped our personal lives.

Many people nowadays use texting as a means to connect and communicate with others. We would rather text than talk, because it is more simple and requires little effort. However, are we simply just avoiding human contact? We still want to be able to connect and communicate with people, but in a completely different way. Texting gives us that ability to hide even as we are continually connected with each other.

Constantly needing to have any kind of technology around you, especially cell phones, is an addition. Yet, not many people can admit to that, because it is not something to boast about. We have become so vulnerable to technology. When a person receives many text messages, it becomes a habit to look at the phones right away no matter what kind of environment you are in. A person can be at the dinner table with family or at a funeral and still can’t help but check their phones.

When a person can admit to being addicted to their phones, the next step is to focus on their vulnerability to technology. We have the ability to control how much technology we use on a daily basis. Since we can’t get rid of technology, it is important to control ourselves and not let it overwhelm our lives.

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