A note from Kayla


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If you’ve landed on this page, I’m going to guess that you either:

Have a full time day job and are running your creative business in your free time (and possibly want to turn your side hustle into a full time business) or,

Work on your creative business full time and want to take it to the next level.

Either way that’s great and I can definitely help! The truth is, I’m not a one-woman show (hence the “Co” in KV & Co). I work with a small team of web developers, content creators and brand strategists. We believe in locally made products, startups, and founders with a true passion for what they do.

I live for design, but most of all I love helping entrepreneurs etch out their mark and share it with the world. For me, every project brings a set of unique challenges, new obstacles, and new faces with big dreams. We all, to some extent want to share something with the world, but most of us spend a lifetime searching for what that is. Then once we have that thing, the challenge becomes getting your message across to the people you most want to get it across to. I like to think of myself as a bridge for like minded people to connect, and my designs as a beacon that call out to the world.

You can follow my journey @KaylaVeeren



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